SET-Plan and EII Update

The latest developments in the EIIs are described below.

European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI)

A key focus for the EIBI this year, will be the launch of an ERA-NET Plus facility as part of the Framework Programme 7 (FP7) Energy Work Programme to be launched this summer. An ERA-NET Plus works by National funding programmes coming together to launch synchronised calls in a particular technology area, in this case in support of the EIBI, with additional funding then added by the European Commission on top of what is available from the participating Member States. The UK has already indicated our interest in participating in this and our funders are currently discussing how our UK contribution should be structured and focused, with regard to the EIBI’s Implementation Plan priorities. The FP7 Work Programme launching in July will also contain other funding opportunities for specific Bio-fuel technology development in addition to ERA-NET Plus funding.

CCS European Industrial Initiative (CCS EII)

The Launch Team for this Initiative continues to develop a map of existing and planned projects within Member States and to discuss Governance matters; Key Performance Indicators for the EII’s activities; and funding. The team has input into the priority setting for the FP7 Energy Work Programme to be launched in the summer, which will contain Calls in support of the Initiative’s Implementation Plan.

European Electricity Grids Initiative (EEGI)

The EII team held a workshop in Brussels at the end of March to identify clusters of National projects currently underway or planned on Smart Grid trial projects. It has also begun to identify the projects that meet the functionality required under the EEGI’s Implementation Plan (both for distribution and transmission). The UK has been supporting this work and the direction of the EEGI, which again will see contributory funding for related R,D&D included in this summer’s FP7 Energy Work Programme launch.

European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII)

The National Nuclear Laboratory is continuing to support the ESNII launch team, including working on a number of projects linked to the development of the SET Plan Nuclear Platform (SNETP) and its Strategic Research Agenda. This, in turn is feeding into the priorities for funding under FP7. NNL are also linking this work to the work of the European Energy Research Alliance, to help to ensure that the two work programmes remain complementary.

Smart Cities European Industrial Initiative

This Initiative is still scheduled to launch on 21st June. The first FP7 Energy Calls supporting elements of the Smart cities agenda will launch this summer and a Stakeholder Platform to register interest in the Initiative and contribute to its development is being launched in the second half of 2011. We will be keen to stimulate interest in the UK to participate in the Platform and also to host at least one of the Smart City demonstration projects that are envisaged under the Initiative. Projects are envisaged as being based on comprehensive city scale plans.

Solar European Industrial Initiative (SEII)

The Commission is currently exploring the support for an ERA-NET for Solar in the FP7 Energy Work Programme for 2012, launching in July 2011. This would be designed to support the Implementation Plan for the SEII for both CSP and PV, but with no decision yet on proportion of activity or funding for each. In addition to the ERA-NET, additional funding support is planned under the FP7 Energy July Call for other R,D&D areas supporting the SEII. A UK Stakeholder Group is being set up to cover our Solar technology interests and inform our future engagement with this Initiative.

Wind European Industrial Initiative (Wind EII)

The Wind EII team have been involved in recommending priorities for R,D&D projects to be included in the FP7 Energy 2012 Work Programme. The medium term plan is to see a Wind ERA-NET Plus included in the 2013 Work Programme. The UK is also working with the Commission on their plans to map existing and planned National Wind renewables projects, to ensure that the information requested by the Commission is appropriate and of maximum use in progressing the EII’s objectives, whilst being readily available.

Please contact the Energie Helpline if you are interested in engaging with the development of the European Industrial Initiatives.