Writing the proposal

In this section we provide you with some top tips for getting you on the right track when writing a proposal for IEE. Top Tips:

Read all the key documents before starting to write your proposal. The key documents include:

Ensure that your project falls within an area covered by the Call for Proposals.

Ensure that your project addresses the non technical barriers to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Make reference to how your project will address the objectives set out in EU energy policies.

Ensure your project has an EU dimension. You need to provide justification of why your project should be funded at an EU level rather than at a national/regional level.

Show knowledge of previous work in your area and demonstrate how your project will take this knowledge further and add value. You should use the Funded project summaries service to search for previously funded projects.

Demonstrate the market need for your project and back this up with support from the key market actors.

Develop an excellent action plan for dissemination of results using appropriate methods for your target audience. NB: A website will be classed as a minimum level of dissemination.

Define clear, measurable performance indicators for the project.

And finally…………………

Follow the application forms carefully, be concise and make your points clearly. The evaluators only have a limited time to assess your proposal and English may not be their first language.