The Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) was launched in June 2003 to offer a more integrated and coherent approach towards the area of non-technological support in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. It differs from FP7 in that it addresses the ‘soft’ barriers to energy policy and implementation, moving on from R&D; activities to address the barriers to the market uptake of new technologies. The second Intelligent Energy Europe Programme runs from 2007 to 2013.

The objective of the IEE Programme is to contribute to secure, sustainable and competitively priced energy for Europe, by providing for action:

IEE projects are of a "soft" nature: they normally aim to trigger market mechanisms or to induce third parties to take action in line with the Programme's objectives. The impact of IEE projects then extends far beyond the results of each individual project.

The programme does NOT support costs related to investments in new technologies.

The programme is structured into 4 areas:

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