Fuel Cell & Hydrogen JU Projects

A full list of projects funded by the FCH JU can be found here.

The JIVE project is an example of a funded project from the 2016 Call for Proposals.  It is a UK-led project with Element Energy as the coordinator.  The project involves 24 partners, including 5 from the UK (Aberdeen City Council, Birmingham City Council, Dundee City Council, London Bus Services and West Midlands Travel).  The project is receiving €32M of funding from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking between 2017 and 2022 with €13M being allocated to the UK partners.

JIVE aims to pave the way to commercialisation of fuel cell (FC) buses through the deployment of 142 fuel cell buses across 9 locations, more than doubling the number of FC buses operating in Europe.  JIVE will use coordinated procurement activities to unlock the economies of scale which are required to reduce the cost of the FC buses. They will operate in large fleets of 10-30 buses, reducing the overhead costs per bus, as well as allowing more efficient supply chains and maintenance operations compared to previous deployments. By working at this scale and with bus operators with proven vehicles, JIVE will ensure reliability at the level required for commercialisation. JIVE will also test new hydrogen refuelling stations with the required capacity to serve fleets in excess of 20 buses. This will not only reduce the costs of hydrogen and increase the availability of equipment but will also test the ability to offer >99% reliability, which is required for the commercialisation of FC buses.  A dissemination campaign will use the project results to demonstrate the technical readiness of FC buses to bus operators and the economic viability of hydrogen as a zero emission bus fuel to policy makers will help to catalyse the future development and expansion of the hydrogen bus sector. More details can be found here.

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